Top 5 Hilarious Jason Statham Commercials Ever

Top 5 Hilarious Jason Statham Commercials Ever

№ 1 – New LG G5 2016 : Jason Statham Commercial
Jason Statham introduces the new LG G5
The latest and greatest smartphone from LG Tech comes with a jaw dropping 135-degree wide angle dual rear camera, a sleek metal body, convenient slide out removable battery, and a sophisticated modular design which allows you to connect an optional range of LG Friends accessories –
The new LG commercial was created by advertising agency Energy BBDO and it features Jason Statham, an actor known from action movies such as The Transporter and The Expendables series. Jason Statham plays multiple roles in this funny commercial that promotes LG’s new G5 smartphone with the strapline: “Life’s good when you play more.”
The film was directed by Fredrik Bond and it was produced on location in Los Angeles.
The commercial will be shown worldwide in key markets including North America, Latin America, Europe and East Asia.

The soundtrack of the LG commercial is Everybody Move – Busy Signal (see full version here –

№ 2 – XFINITY TV Commercial, ‘DVR Shows Anywhere’
Watch action star Jason Statham take on his latest string of intense fights, all while holding the new Xfinity Entertainment Operating System in his hands.
You can now buy Comcast XFINITY Internet, Cable TV, and Phone on Amazon –

№ 3 – G-Energy Motor Oil advert made for Rusian Gazprom oil company.

№ 4 – Lee Jeans advert (1997)
Lee Men’s Modern Series Straight-Fit Jean –

№ 5 – Jason Statham – Kit Kat TV Commercial (2003)
Kit Kat milk chocolate covered wafer bar with 4 sections.
Originally Kit Kat was named chocolate crisp by the inventor, Rowntree’s. The brand is now owned by Nestle’ but the Hershey Company has a licence to produce Kit Kat bars in the United States. This arrangement dates to 1969, when Hershey negotiated an agreement for Kit Kat and the Rolo with Rowntree’s in the United States.
To Buy Kit Kat –
To Buy Nestle kit kat –

Ever since I can remember, I have admired and loved the famous Kit Kat candy bar. It has been my favorite candy and remains so till date.

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