Top 4 Most Funniest Lactaid Milk Cow Commercials

“13 The Best Ice Age Scrat Most Funny Commercials Ever”


Top 4 Most Funniest Lactaid Cow Commercials.

Like most great ideas, the origin of the LACTAID® Brand was the result of a singular inspiration. When the son of a dairy owner discovered that people with dairy sensitivity to lactose weren´t able to enjoy the delicious and healthy dairy products that his family´s farm produced, he wondered what could be done to help.

Inspiration had struck. He set to work and a few years later, introduced products to help people cope with lactose intolerance

Now in our fourth decade, LACTAID® Dairy Products and Dietary Supplements still help people with lactose intolerance enjoy healthy and delicious dairy foods whenever and wherever they choose.

LACTAID® Brand introduced lactase enzyme products to help people manage lactose intolerance in the 1970s. The decades of the 1980s and 1990s brought groundbreaking products like LACTAID® Tablets and LACTAID® 100% Lactose Free Milk.

In more recent years, they created products like LACTAID® Fast Act Caplets and have grown LACTAID® Dairy Products with the addition of ice cream, cottage cheese, chocolate milk and eggnog.

After all these years, it´s little wonder that they have become the nation´s #1 lactose-free dairy brand, one that´s trusted and enjoyed by so many.

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