Top 10 Interesting facts about USA

In this video I can tell you Top 10 Interesting facts about USA the USA Facts is lot of if I want to tell the Facts about the USA it cannot end now I can tell you only Top 10 Interesting Facts of United states of America now let’s start no 10 fact about USA is FBI is watching us the record everyone fingerprint now lest go on no 9 Amazing facts about USA the best fast is the help the Everyone they help also the stranger no 8 Facts of USA their Fireman sis most quick in the world no 7 is Independence day is most important for the Americans no 6 facts of United States Highest Supreme Court in the world and the basketball hall on his 5th floor no 5 is solders are too much quick no 4 is the sports the Youth they help Youth and make a group of youth now no 3 Facts about USA is they have three old River that can many popular no 2 is their military is best in the world no 1 Interesting Facts about USA is his old flag with 50 star so I hope you enjoy this Top 10 Interesting Facts about the USA.
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