Sell Your Dog Prank Call – Calls With Balls – BollywoodGandu

This week Karan’s family gets pranked! Imagine someone calling your home and asking if they can buy your pet. Featuring my dog Maynard.

Prank by: Prachee Mashru
Animation by: Nitin Navale & Ritesh Bhujbal
Illustration by: Prarthana Chudasma
Edited by: Dipraj Jadhav

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Bollywood Gandu is a platform of Indian standup comedy founded by comedian Karan Talwar. He is a comedian and writer from Bombay, India. He performs comedy shows with the effect of gandugiri on stage and make comedy videos based on contemporary topics especially Bollywood comedy. Subscribe to this channel for episodes of viral video show “The Dope’, animated prank show “Calls With Balls”, animated comedy show “Gandu TV” and lots more!

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