GTA 5 PC Online Funny Moments – HUMAN BOWLING! | WHO THE HELL IS THAT?! (Custom Games)


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Hey guys, welcome back to another GTA V video! Today SkyVsGaming is playing GTA Human Bowling with House_Owner, RedVacktor, and Mithzan! We have Max and Sky on one team vs Red and Ross on the other. xXNarutoBoy77Xx is apparently a lawyer who just got her first paycheck, so she’s treated herself to a makeover that makes her look especially horrifying. Max and Sky are the bowling pins, and Max reveals that he’s never played this before. Despite that, Max snipes both enemies down and wins his team the round. In the next round, Max flattens Red and Ross before Sky can even make it down the ramp and they win yet again. Ross disclaims that it happened because his controller is broken and it’s making him spin nonstop, which made him fall off the map. In the third round Ross comes barreling down the ramp, but Max stops him right in his tracks with a headshot. Sky gets into Ross’ abandoned car and accidentally helps Red run Max over, then Sky headshots Red. In the next round, Max and Sky team up to flatten Red, who Sky now calls DeadVacktor, and Ross has switched to keyboard and escaped the map. Ross does not, however, know how to use a keyboard to fly a plane, and he parachutes away from that disaster straight into a wall and dies. In another round, Max proclaims that he’s so ready that if he had spaghetti, he’d be ready spaghetti, and Sky couldn’t be more awed. Red somehow manages to drive both himself and Ross off the edge of the map before they’ve even started descending the ramp. They take a helicopter to the other side of the map and get new, armored cars, then bowl over Max and Sky. In the next round Sky tries to pull their same stunt, but Sky messes up and starts screaming about milk. They manage to kill their foes anyway, and in the next round, Ross messes up and drives off the map. Red has died and Ross is trying to find a way to kill himself, until Sky accidentally figures out how to get out of the map by bouncing down some walls. Ross tries to land his helicopter right on him, and Max tries to follow him out of the map but dies. Sky kills Ross, and in the next round Sky kills both enemies while Max chills. A random player called bagezifu somehow joins their game and puts himself on Red’s and Ross’ team, and he flies down the ramp and flattens Sky and Max. In the next round Sky flattens Ross and their mysterious new friend while Max drives off the course and runs for the helicopter. Red kills Sky and it’s down to Max and his helicopter to win the round. Max crashes and parachutes out, and as he falls Red kills him. Bagizifu kills Sky and Max yet again in the next round and wins Ross and Red the game. That’s it for this GTA V Human Bowling – as always, thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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