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funny parashote afraid.



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Before you watch this you need to know 5 things:

1) I signed a waiver a few days ago before my bday, my friends covered the description part, so I signed it without knowing what and when exactly it was about. All I know was we gonna do something crazy for my bday.

2) I have never done skydiving in my life before.

3) I am extremely afraid of heights.

4) They put earplugs in my ears so I couldn’t hear the airplane noise.

5) I am super lightweight when it comes to drinking… I took a lot of shots the night before and was blacked out… all I remember was getting carried out the club or something like that and that’s it…

I will NEVER EVER drink on my birthday again… EVER. This was the best and worst birthday I ever had…. don’t worry I’ll get back at them later…

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