Funny cats – a few days of Simon and Margo life

Watch how cats Simon and Margo spend their cat’s life. Simon was a stray kitten and found by my mom 3 years ago in the yard of her house. There was early snow on the ground. We adopted that lovely little cat, so he has his own loving family.

He is very patient, self-disciplined and funny cat). He is very clever, and understands everything we tell him.

Not long ago we adopted a female stray cat. We named her Margo. Now Simon and her are the best friends, they fantastically take care of each other. You can see it here –

00:00 – cats playing – Simon and his neighbor Zhora
00:14 – kittens playing, here are Simon’s friend Margo and her kittens
00:43 – just look at outstanding Margo’s eyes – like two stars
01:02 – Simon and Margo cats grooming each other, super amazing episodes
01:31 – Margo playing in the snow like a small cute Teddy bear
01:54 – a super funny cat fight
02:04 – Simon looks through the window at me coming up to him
02:23 – it’s time to relax – Simon funny cat sleeping, but watching me with one eye
02:35 – Simon and Peach (one more neighbor)

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