Crazy Funny Arabs Fails Compilation – Part 2

Crazy Funny Arabs Fails Compilation – Part 2
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Funny United Arab Emirates Game Show All this pranks are made in United Arab Emirates with recording with special camera’s like Sony and Samsung mobile cameras. This compilation is made up with a Lenovo laptop z510, it have an i7 8gb RAM, and graphic card 740m. Support and like my channel for more amazing compilations everyday.
United Arab Emirates and Japan is an amazing place with new technolgy so be sure to visit it at least once.
Dont forget to visit the best Dubai high school.
Arabs are on of the richiest people in the world, and the most beautifull city is in that country and that is Dubai. So please be sure to visit Duvai and make some amazing picures with the Burj Khalifa. Take Your samsung ans Sony camera’s and mobile phones and make some awesome pictures.
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