5 Of The Funniest Banned Commercials!

So humor in advertisement works.
Its no secret, advertisers have been doing it for decades, but getting the balance right can sometimes be difficult.
As a result there are numerous funny commercials that have been banned, but thankfully they are still about on the internet for our amusement.
So in this list ill be showing you 5 of the funniest banned commercials

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5) Bunker Satis-Fashion footwear

So youre tasked with advertising some shoes, maybe show a few people wearing them, running in them, the usual stuff.
But that wouldn’t be very funny or memorable, so Bunker went for a different approach.
They decided the best way to sell their shoes would be to show a man jerking off whilst watching bears having sex.
The whole 35 second advert is literally a man pleasuring himself to animal porn.
But of course the joke is hes actually just cleaning his shoes.
I think pretty obvious why this advert was banned.

4) Slim Milk

Slim Milk is a dietary product from Thailand.
Similar to things like slimfast, its basically aimed at people who want to loose weight.
There are many different ways to show off your products effectiveness.
However this is not one of them.
It starts out with a two females in a bathroom looking at themselves in the mirror.
The female in the left then starts grabbing her fat and pushing it up her body whilst screaming.
the final result is she managed to move her fat from her stomach to her breasts.
This is one of those what the hell did i just watch type videos.
It makes you questions what drugs the person who thought of that idea was on.
Anyway the advert was banned in 2010 most likely due to false advertising since slim milk doesn’t make your breasts grow.

3) Energizer

What consumers want from a battery is strength.
And energizer one of the leading battery companies came up with a print ad that demonstrates its power.
Unfortunately the ad was really inappropriate.
Yes energizer created an ad of a man laying dead in the tub because a radio powered with their batteries fell into the water.
The ad is not even made to look comical, It just looks terrifying.
Its such a ridiculous idea, why would that make anyone want to buy their product.
All it will do is scar children and piss of many people.
As you can imagine this ad never even made it to print.

2) Toyota

This Toyota ad had a clever idea but think they went a bit too far.
Its basically about a husband and wife, waking up in the morning and trying to essentially kill each other so they can be the one to drive the new Toyota to work.
Funny concept that could of done really well.
The man electrocutes his wife, his wife sets his hair on fire, a bowling falls fall on her, he falls down the stairs, all played out in a very comical way.
But I think the end may have been a bit too much for an advert.
The man quite literally blows his house up with his wife in it just to drive the car.
However even more funny is probably the reasons given for its ban
apparently it was deemed “offensive and malicious,” and “would encourage similar behavior”.
I’m sorry no offense to Toyota’s but I don’t think anyone would go to such extremes to drive a Toyota.

1) Vim Cleaner

To be honest I have no idea why this ad was banned.
I couldn’t find a single good reason online.
In my opinion this advert is amazing.
Its funny, clever, and so well thought out.
Take a look for yourself.
I didn’t see anything wrong with it.
All I saw was a prime example of great advertising.

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