10 Magic Beach Pranks for Summer

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In this special Pranks episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows 10 How To Magic Beach Vacation Pranks for Summer! These magic tricks and summer beach pranks are funny, easy to do, family friendly, and perfect for kids, beginners, and adults as well! Have some fun in the sun with these magic pranks today and prank your friends and family at the beach or the pool! Recorded from Paradise Island in the Bahamas on the beautiful Caribbean Sea for our Family Beach Vacation. Thanks for all the love and support #eraSQUAD you are seriously amazing – Laugh@Life my friends! 🙂

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Summer Beach Magic Pranks Revealed in this Video:
1.) Moving Watch Tan Line on Arm Magic Trick – 0:49
2.) Magic Impossible Sunblock Sunscreen Prank – 2:24
3.) Buried Treasure Metal Detector Money Prank – 3:15
4.) Playing Card in Sand Trick (Erdnase Change) – 3:53
5.) Seashell Challenge Mind Reading Magic Trick – 5:05
6.) Fake Severed Hand Buried in Beach Sand Prank – 6:06
7.) Funny Seagull Popcorn Bread Bird Beach Prank – 6:32
8.) Classic Sleep Buried in Sand Wake Up Prank – 7:03
9.) Shoe Polish Black Raccoon Eyes Goggles Prank – 7:35
10.) Magic Exploding Beach Sand Landmine Prank – 8:46
Bonus: Magic Shark Attack Cut Off Hand Prank – 9:44

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